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Originally, The Swerve Foundation began as a book written by, motivational performer and youth specialist, Zion Birdsong.  Birdsong partnered his experience with local outreaches and community leaders to produce Swerve Expos.  Using various arts, these gatherings are occasions to impart into audiences by inviting them to locate and cultivate their unique gifts as they take part in upcoming expos.  Swerve Expos involve a plethora of creative arts that youth take part in i.e. painting, photography, culinary, digital, conceptual, and audio/visual arts.  The original Swerve In Your Gift paperback, PDF, audiobook, musical soundtrack, and related merchandise give Birdsong the opportunity to profit and invest back into The Swerve Foundation.

Our vision: A world of individuals who uplift themselves and their environments with their gifts.

Our mission: To provide skill sets and platforms for youth to locate and cultivate their gifts.


Although our materials are suitable for all ages, we aspire to target the youth. We believe securing the mindsets of our youth will secure our future communities and spark change in the minds of surrounding adults as well.