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Originally, The Swerve Foundation began as a book written by, motivational performer and youth specialist, Zion Birdsong.  Birdsong partnered his experience with local outreaches and community leaders to produce Swerve Expos.  Using various arts, these gatherings are occasions to impart into audiences by inviting them to locate and cultivate their unique gifts as they take part in upcoming expos.  Swerve Expos involve a plethora of creative arts that youth take part in i.e. painting, photography, culinary, digital, conceptual, and audio/visual arts.  The original Swerve In Your Gift paperback, PDF, audiobook, musical soundtrack, and related merchandise give Birdsong the opportunity to profit and invest back into The Swerve Foundation.

Our vision: A world of individuals who uplift themselves and their environments with their gifts.

Our mission: To provide skill sets and platforms for youth to locate and cultivate their gifts.


Although our materials are suitable for all ages, we aspire to target the youth. We believe securing the mindsets of our youth will secure our future communities and spark change in the minds of surrounding adults as well.

What's MY  gift?

Your Gift is Your Vehicle

You, my friend, are a gift.  Did you know you have a gift?  When people say "gift" they're often referring to a talent, skill, idea, or info.  Until you can combine them and make them for-give (like a present to uplift your world), they're just talents, skills, ideas, and info.  Your gift is literally the transportation to drive you to the people, places, and things (PPT's) that will connect you to the vision you have for your life.  When you get a deeper understanding of "Swerve In Your Gift," your life will gain direction.  This is the key to crank-up in the morning, have drive throughout the day, stay out of reverse, pass your past, and gain mileage in life. 

Proverbs 18:16

A person's gift makes a lane for them and drives them to the greats. 

Swerve In Your Gift Road Rules.png

1. Roadmap

Map out your trip.  This means writing a vision/vision board so you know your destination. 

2. Crank-Up

Crank-up on diesel fuel.  You're not regular, so get diesel PPT's for the road-trip.

3. Hit The Gas

You can't be steered if you're in park.  Hit the gas!  Put in work to add mileage to your goals. 

4. Swerve

Swerve on roadblocks.  Some PPT's are obstructions that add fog to your vision.

5. Skate

Those foot patrollin', should lace em up and keep it rollin'.  Your swerve is contagious.

6. Stay In Your Lane

Your business won't get done unless you mind it.  Enforce change by staying in your lane. 

What are PPT's?

People, places, and things.  PPT's direct the traffic of your thoughts, beliefs, and desires.  


Negativity, fear, billboard people, low self-esteem,

back-then-barricades, procratination, etc. 




Based in Atlanta, GA, Zion Birdsong is a musician, author, youth specialist, and motivational performer, who's spent the last 15 years creating tasteful music for artists, designing their brands, and sharing his gift in front of audiences. His work reaches genres such as Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, Country, Pop, Jazz, Spoken Word, and Contemporary Christian. 


Zion comes from humble beginnings, honing his craft by assisting local youth ministries and outreaches including World Changers Church International, where he was directly influenced and heavily inspired by Canton Jones in College Park, GA. As Birdsong was developing his sound, it was passed to legendary DJ Nabs and The Mauldin Brand Agency (Michael Mauldin - Former Chairman of Atlantic Records). This, in turn, landed him a co-publishing deal with the agency and EMI and he was provided a hands-on education in the music industry. Coupled with his passion for Christ, he's now a powerhouse and strong advocate for gift-development in youth. He’s been enjoying the journey ever since.


Recently, Birdsong stretched his writing skills to book-writing, publishing his first book/audiobook “Swerve In Your Gift”. Through motivational performing, he uses his knowledge to give audiences the drive to locate and cultivate their unique vision, which activates their gifts and connects them to purpose.

Zion enjoys martial arts, cooking, hiking, nature, and the simple yet complex things life has to offer. If he’s not traveling, creating, or enjoying friends, he’s making a mark that can’t be erased in his spare time.